Quicksilver launches ‘Book-Your-Boat’

Boating enthusiasts can now book a Quicksilver boat online in 14 locations all over Spain. A new rental platform www.book-your-boat.com lets you pick the place, the date and the type of boat you prefer. More countries will be added to the platform in the following months.


For first-timers and experienced skippers
“With Book Your Boat, Quicksilver makes boating more accessible for everybody”, explains Fedra Generini (Director of Marketing and Communications). “For example, first-timers can hire a boat for a whole day or just for a short trip of a couple of hours. They can even rent the boat with a qualified captain.”
“Experienced skippers get the chance to try a boat before they decide on buying one. If that’s you, you will also be happy to hear that all rental locations are run by Quicksilver experts that know the boats inside and out.”

Hassle-free experience
Thanks to rental services, people don’t need to own or transport a boat when they want to spend some time on the water during their holidays. Quicksilver also made sure customers can hit the water as soon as they arrive. The boats will be clean, fuelled and ready to go.

In Spain now, elsewhere later
This summer, Book Your Boat already offers 35 boats in 14 locations in Spain. But this is only the beginning, Generini clarifies: “In the fall, we will add more countries, locations and boats. So, keep an eye on the website.”

Visit “Book-Your-Boat”