The Quicksilver Activ 875 Sundeck wins the Slovenian Motorboat of the Year Award 2018

With six contenders in the up-to-10-meters category, the Activ 875 Sundeck had its work cut out. But, thanks to its qualities, it was elected Motor Boat of the Year by Val Navtika, the leading Slovenian nautical magazine.


The myriad functionalities of the Sundeck superstar helped it secure the first place, which is no surprise considering just how much you can do on this vessel. Whether you are looking for an exciting ride with up to 500 hp or an unforgettable getaway with friends and family, the Activ 875 Sundeck has what it takes. Plenty of space to relax on the massive sun lounge, an outdoor galley with a grill option that will guarantee a success dinner or the comfortable cabin that sleeps 4 to just watch the stars.

Val Navtika extensively tested all boats and based its judgement on:

Whereas the jury found that all nominees earned an appropriate reward or recognition, the Quicksilver Activ 875 Sundeck stood above the rest and obtained the highest score on the selection criteria.

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